43456 Strawberry 0.8 oz

Rosebud Lip Balm Strawberry


Product Description

This aromatic lip balm with natural Beeswax and a trade secret blend of strawberry flavor is a favorite of both celebrities and athletes. Strawberry lip balm is as scintillating as strawberry shortcake.

Additional Information

Weight 0.8 oz

Apply to your lips for that natural beauty look with Minted Rose’s natural blush or outline your lips with your favorite lip pencil and create your own special effect with the beautiful, dewy rose tint of Minted Rose lip balm. Moisturize, gloss, and subtly plump your lips. The essential oils protect, moisturize and heal while the peppermint is anti-inflamatory. Massage into tired feet, calloused heels and elbows to soothe and soften. Massage into neck, shoulders, and stiff muscles to relieve stiffness and soreness. Rub into the forehead for aroma therapeutic relaxation and stimulation.

A blend of essential oils of rose and peppermint. INGREDIENTS: Cotton Seed Oil, Borax, Aromol, With Essential Oils in a special Petrolatum Base.