63488 Yuzu Rose 2 Wick 11 oz

Voluspa Yuzu Rose 2 Wick Candle


Product Description

Voluspa’s Signature Home Collection.  A modern mix of vintage shapes and pop colors, a complete olfactory palate. The Maison Metallo candle is adorned with vintage turkish swirls in luxe gold and filled with 11oz of highly fragrant coconut wax. Designed with a double wick configuration to generate a generous wax pool when lit. Tight fit lid can be used to extinguish the candle when lit and to keep the wax dust free when not in use. Perfect for travel. Re-use this elegant container for flowers or trinkets when the candle is gone. Yuzu Rose stonecrop with sun ripened yuzu grapefruit blended with tuscan roses, stonecrop, lavender and tart white strawberry.

Additional Information

Weight 11 oz

Burn Time 50 HR